Located along the main tourist route of the city, Ravenala Boutique Resort is a luxury beachfront property, with the perfect design combined of modern furnitures and green spaces. Our diligent staff will sure bring you a perfect holiday.

Especially, in this March, Ravenala Boutique Resort would like to offer to all of our beloved customers a big promotion which is up to 60% discount on public price.


️SUPERIOR ROOM 2.100.000 -> 990.000

DELUXE SEA VIEW ROOM 2.300.000 -> 1.100.000

️DELUXE ROOM WITH BALCONY 2.450.000 -> 1.200.000

PREMIUM SEA VIEW – POOL VIEW 2.650.000 -> 1.700.000

BUNGALOW SEA VIEW – POOL VIEW 2.850.000 -> 1.900.000

️JUNIOR SUITE WITH BALCONY VIEW 2.850.000 -> 2.400.000

️JUNIOR SUITE 2.950.000 -> 2.600.000

️BUNGALOW SEA VIEW - SUNNY 3.350.000 -> 2.800.000

BUNGALOW SEA VIEW - HONEY 3.950.000 -> 3.250.000

FAMILY ROOM 2.950.000 -> 2.700.000

Overflow pool

With green space, peaceful beach, overflow swimming pool, 8 types of diverse rooms, unique cuisine, dedicated staff, Ravenala Boutique Resort is definitely the destination that does not disappoint you.

Green space with peaceful

Beautiful corner

Resort offers great discounts of up to 60% on room rates along with healthy drinks (detox, ginseng, ...), and tropical fruit buffet .





Free healthy drinks and fruits


+ Restaurant is opposite to the sea with a beautiful view

+ The 200-square-meter swimming pool overlooks the sea, including a shallow pool for children to meet all requirements.

+ The rooms are designed around the pool and the central green garden makes it easy to move just a few steps to all the areas and especially a few steps to the beach.

+ Resort is 6000 square meters, but only 41 rooms, Ravenala focuses on open space so you can enjoy and rest more properly than focus on increasing the number of rooms to exploit business. So you are completely assured of the quiet, airy and completely private for every visitor to enjoy, rest most properly.
+ Ravenala owns 50 meters of private beach in the Resort will let you take a cool bath, or sunbathe to enjoy the your day on the benches on the sand.

+ Ravenala aims at customers who like to be quiet, take a break, enjoy the freshness, beauty and design with their own "style", no frills, glitzy. Simple, sophisticated "boutique" and airy are what you will feel.
+ Resort is cared for with fresh green areas, making every corner of the garden worth to relax. Especially the coconut trees soaring to 50 years old as a highlight that when you drop yourself in the cool water of the overflowing pool, you can look up at the high ranges of coconut trees that are in the shadow of the beautiful blue sky
+ Ravenala appears on all reviews of prestigious sites of International visitors and Vietnamese guests such as Trip Advisor,, Expedia, Agoda, Google, Facebook,... with "highly recommend".

+ Resort has just been invested and upgraded so you can enjoy the facilities and equipment facilities quality with extremely affordable price.

Phan Thiet famous hot pot

Furniture in the room


146 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, P.Hàm Tiến, Tp.Phan Thiết, Tỉnh Bình Thuận

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