There is an interesting destination with antique, mysterious, spiritual beauty in Binh Thuan that tourists should not ignore: Po Sah Inu towers (or Cham towers of Pho Hai).
Po Sah Inu towers is a group of remaining Cham towers of ancient Champa Kingdom, which are situated in Ba Nai hill, Phu Hai Ward, 7km to the North-east of Phan Thiet city.

The group of Po Sah Inu towers was built over 1.200 years ago and now only three towers left: main tower, medium tower, and small tower or A, B and C towers. These towers were the symbol of the heyday of Champa Kingdom from VIII to IX centuries. These towers were first built to worship Shiva, but then they are also used to worship princess Po Sah Inu. Besides, the deity of fire and Nandin (the holy bull - mount of Siva) are also worshiped here.
Between Tower A is an altar of Linga – Yoni made of slippery stones, a symbol of men and women’s private parts. According to the legend, Tower C is a place to worship the fire God, and also where pilgrims were waiting before going to the main tower, Tower B is where to worship the Cow God Nandin. However, this statue does not exist anymore.
The tower is Square, three – the storey that is gradually narrow to the top. The wall columns of the towers are cylinder shaped, belonging to the artistic style of Hoa Lai tower group. All of the main doors of towers face to the East, which, according to cham people, are the directions of deities. Po Sah Inu Cham tower was classified as a National heritage on August 3, 1991, by the Ministry of Culture – Information.
Here, visitors can perceive the unique, exquisite architecture of the towers. Sculpture in ancient Cham style makes this place more august and enigmatical. The towers are situated in Ba Nai hill, right next to the famous Lau Ong Hoang in romantic verses of Han Mac Tu.

Looking down from the hill, you can see a beautiful natural landscape, blue sea ahead and Phan Thiet city behind. Located in a place of beautiful terrain, this site can make tourists feel relaxed, give them chance to discover a spiritual land and contemplate charming scenes.
Being recognized as a national relic, Po Sah Inu towers attract tourists with its primitive, hallowed beauty. Relics of worship of ancient Cham people still remain here.

Every day, the management board of Po Sah Inu Cham tower group opens its door to receive guests from different regions to see its old beauty filled with artistic, mysteries about Cham people’s construction arts. Po Sah Inu tower is not only a pride of cham people, but it helps to enrich Vietnam’s cultural and historic treasure generally, as well as that of Binh Thuan’ specifically.


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