The story of a man who brings fine wines from Europe back to his homeland, Vietnam

Rang Dong Group Chairman Nguyen Van Dong has invested $ 15 million to buy a winery in the Napa Valley, America, named RD Winery USA and produces wines that meet American Viticultural Areas standard. With a desire for Vietnamese people to enjoy the world-class wines at reasonable prices, he decided to build the Rang Dong wine castle in Phan Thiet to promote the RD Winery USA brand, as well as a way to build up our national pride.

Outside of the castle


The castle is designed with three floors including basement, ground floor and floor with 3 interconnecting rows. Each floor is decorated differently, leaving different emotions in the heart of visitors.

Inside the castle with European Style

While visiting the RD Wine Estate, visitors will be guided to visit two wine cellars along the process and a closed wine production model designed deep underground.

In the basement, you will find out the process of wine production and see how to produce wine and bottled finished products.

Wines Basement

In addition, visitors can enjoy some of the finest red wines from the Napa Valley, such as Napa 55, Napa 66, Napa 77, Napa 88 or Napa 99.

Enjoy the finest Napa wines

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