Mui Ne Phan Thiet is a coastal city famous for many luxury resorts running along the coast. Sea creates the beauty of Phan Thiet and also brings in the diverse seafood sources. Phan Thiet’s cuisine is very diverse, from luxury to popular dishes, serving all needs of customers. 
Phan Thiet cuisine has a very special characteristic: all of the dishes are slightly sweeter compared to other places. However, you will be addicted soon. The highlights of Phan Thiet cuisine are fish cake noodle (bánh canh chả cá), duck Hu Tieu (Hủ tiếu vịt – a kind of noodle), Quang noodle (mì Quảng), baked rice paper, (bánh tráng nướng), pancake (bánh xèo),… 
In this article, I’m going to list the famous specialties and good restaurants in Phan Thiet Mui Ne.

1. Lau Tha (Special Fish Hotpot)
Included in must-try food list in Phan Thiet is Lau Tha (or special fish hotpot). This specialty will stun anyone who is in a Vietnam beach holiday in the Phan Thiet coastal city. Fish used for the hotpot varied; it may be gudgeon or spade-fish. While there are suggestions for tasting the cuisine of Phan Thiet, you must surely try this kind of hotpot. The reason for this recommendation is that the philosophy and essence of the Vietnamese culinary art are hidden behind the food’s flavor, which is based on five chief elements of the Buddhism: fire, wood, water, earth, and metal, and certainly you will be eager to uncover it.
2. Rolled rice paper (Banh trang cuon deo)
Which made from rice paper + sauce + egg, is usually sold in the late afternoon. 2 tasty restaurants: at the intersection of Tran Hung Dao-Thu Khoa Huan and Tam Bien junction (near Tieng Xua cafe). 

3. Banh Canh (Vietnamese Thick Noodle Soup)
Although Banh Canh in Phan Thiet is a common recipe which is easy to prepare, it is highly nutritious for people at any age. You can have bread soaked in the broth while savoring this must-try food of Phan Thiet as it is considered as an interesting way to get a sense of the quintessence inside it. Taking a Vietnam beach break in Phan Thiet will blow your mind to different sorts of thick noodle soup of this land, some of which are the soup with fried fish cakes and the soup with steamed fish cakes. Especially, the food is seemingly sweeter and more unique than itself in other places. Remember to give it a try during your trip to Phan Thiet.
Bánh Canh xá xíu (Charsiu Noodle) on Kim Dong street. 
Bánh canh chả cá. 496 (or 596) Tran Hung Dao street, from 3 pm, very crowded. Mrs. Ly restaurant at 566 Tran Hung Dao, from 4 pm. Restaurant on Hai Thuong Lan Ong street, from 4 pm to 7 pm.

4.  Fish spring roll is exclusive in Phan Thiet.
 Fish spring roll is made from fish and cassava, wrapped by special rice paper of Phan Thiet. The dish is served with vegetable, egg, spring roll and sauce. 
The best is in Dung restaurant on Vo Thi Sau street. From Tran Hung Dao street, turn left to Vo Thi Sau street then keep going about 800m (2600ft). 

5. Quang noodle
Quang noodle (mì Quảng) is a very typical dish of Phan Thiet. Let’s eat to enjoy the difference between noodle of Quang Nam and Phan Thiet! 
You can try it at 129 Tran Phu, morning and evening. Or the restaurant near Phan Boi Chau school (200m or 650ft from the school), morning only.

6. Banh Can (Mini-Pancakes)
Perhaps, to those people who have fallen in love with Vietnamese cuisine, Banh Can (also mini-pancakes) is not by means strange as it is spreading through many regions of Vietnam. One of the places where you easily find it is Phan Thiet; it is possible to claim that getting Banh Can enjoy is absolutely not hard since plenty of small food booths serving this food are located along streets here. The best time to find the one is in the afternoon and evening.
Highly recommended addresses: Hai Phong Street and around Phan Thiet market.

7. Banh Quai Vac
In Phan Thiet and other lands of Vietnam, Banh Quai Vac is essentially not in line with the luxurious culinary delights; instead, it is listed street food sold every corner by vendors. One point distinguishing the food with sumptuous menus at the dazzling restaurants is the way to experience it. There is no perspective in which you sit in a spacious air-conditioning room and sip a drink to wait for the food; instead, you will use a tiny plastic chair on the sidewalk and sit around the vendor. It is a great experience to savor the food in such a special style. Hence, it is put in the must-try food in Phan Thiet
You can enjoy the dish at the food court of Phan Thiet market or hawkers.  

8. Rang Muc Nuong (Grilled Squid Teeth)
It is probable to assert that squid teeth are one of the typical examples of Vietnamese cooking style in which the locals are prone to make good use of available resources. Due to this resourcefulness, foreigners get a chance to know about Grilled Squid Teeth (Rang Muc Nuong) – a delicacy with squid teeth most easily found in Phan Thiet. Squid teeth looking like marble-sized balls will be marinated in some spices, and thanks to their shapes, they are easily skewed and grilled as kebabs. It will not be a liar that the flavor is extremely tantalizing without imagination.
Addresses: around Phan Thiet railway station or Nguyen Tat Thanh Street.

9. Muc Mot Nang (Once Sun Dried Squid)
Another specialty which is also the must-try food in Phan Thiet is once dried squid in the sun. How to savor this type of dried squid is very simple; you just grill it on coal until it becomes pale yellow and its flavor spreads everywhere. It is better to have a small bowl of fish sauce with chili which well goes with the food.

10. Pancake (bánh xèo)
There are 2 most famous restaurants: Cay Xoai and Cay Phuong, both on Tuyen Quang street. Additionally, check out Thu Khoa Huan street (near Binh Thuan Agriculture Department) or on Nguyen Hoi street (close to Cong Tin company), $0.3/piece. 

11. Spadefish salad ( Gỏi cá mai)
Fresh fish with juice and marinade with ginger, galingale, minced garlic, lemon is a favorite food for locals.The fish named Cá Mai is the main ingredient for that dish. The dish is usually served with rice, rice cake, noodles and eaten along with fish sauce.
Viet Nam home restaurant
Address: 125 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Mui Ne
Opening hours: 9.00 -23.00

12. Nghe cake (Bánh Nghệ)
Nghe cake is a unique cake that’s only in Phan Thiet. It’s sold at the intersection of Nguyen Thi Phuong – Ngo Sy Lien. 

13. Phan Thiet sweet potato cake (Bánh Rế)
Banh re is a kind of snack that every kid love to eat. It is made from sweet potato. After washing and rejecting the cover of sweet potato, the locals shave sweet potato into fibers and fried it till it is well done with good smell. Next, they dip fried sweet potato into caramel for a while then put it on a tray to dry out. People come to Mui Ne usually buy banh re as a gift when returning home.

14. Lizards
Dong is a kind of lizard that lives in sandy desert areas. In Mui Ne, dishes processed from dong’s meat are considered as the specialties that every tourist is recommended to try out. Dong’s meat can be cooked in the variety of ways like fried, roasted, stir-fried with herbs, or used as the main ingredient for hotpot. Dong’s meat is lightly tough but moist and it has a fresh flavor like chicken.

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