Phan Thiet City is approximately 200 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh City. In 2015, a new road construction between the two cities is made which lead to reduce the travel time by car from five hours to just over three hours. In addition, there are many various service transportations from Ho Chi Minh city to Phan Thiet city and vice versa, therefore tourists can get more convenient feeling with this journey.
The road to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet

Depart from Ho Chi Minh city:

High-quality bus to Phan Thiet: Getting there by bus is the most popular way of going to Phan Thiet: 
=> Time: 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM everyday
=> Ticket prices range from 90,000 VND to 130,000 VND, depending on the brand.

Sinh Cafe is the popular coach brand in Viet Nam

Some popular bus brand:

- Kumho (Tel: 35 112 112, at Mien Dong Coach Station): Drop off at the bus station. If you want to go down Mui Ne, having to hire a taxi.
- Phuong Trang (Tel: 38375570, at 274 - 276 De Tham street, District 1): Drop off at Phan Thiet and Mui Ne (convenient for visitors going straight to Mui Ne).
- Sinh Café (Tel: 38376 833 - 38369 420, at 246 - 248 De Tham street, District 1): Drop off at Mui Ne (convenient for guests wanting to travel to Mui Ne).

Train to Phan Thiet: Vietnam's trains are safe, comfortable & inexpensive, it's a good ideal for independent travelers to get around and see Vietnam at ground level. 
- Normal train ticket price from 110,000 VND/ ticket, Buying the ticket at Sai Gon train station (at 01 Nguyen Thong 
Street, District 3).
- High-quality train of Golden Train with price 160.000 VND/ticket, departing in the morning. Contact: 08.35261685 - 08.35262724.

Train in Viet Nam

Some useful Advice:
- If you want to go to the Phan Thiet Center: Picking Kumho or Phuong Trang for dropping off at Phan Thiet coach station and direct transferring to your hotel or resort in Phan Thiet.
- If you want to go to Mui Ne: you should choose Phuong Trang or Sinh Café, because the bus taking and dropping off guests at the resort in Mui Ne.
- If you want to go to Mui Ke Ga: From Co.opmart Phan Thiet supermarket, you take the bus number 6 (every 30 minutes a trip) from Phan Thiet to Mui Ke Ga. 
- If you take a train, you should go to Phan Thiet train station, not to Muong Man station, which is far from Phan Thiet. 

Depart from Ha Noi capital:
You have to take the flight from Ha Noi to Ho Chi Minh city and then take the bus or train in directions.

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