Vietnam is a sea country with a coastline of 3260km. Many beaches in Vietnam are internationally ranked among the best beaches in the world and Mui Ne is named one of the 7 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.
Mui Ne-have you ever wondered about this weird name?
Once upon a time, this place was originally a wild strip of desert with deserted sandy hills, only a few poor fishing villages. The waist of the land protruding from the sea is the place where residents dwell on boats and " né " the storm. The nose to avoid it has gradually become called Mui Ne.


That Mui Ne would probably be so calm until one day, it was October 24, 1995, the total eclipse of eclipse took place and only the Mui Ne region could see this rare phenomenon clearly. . Make the whole world come here.

Mui Ne as a princess sleeping in the forest suddenly awoke, from a poor fishing village suddenly became a beautiful beach with countless resorts and an extremely prominent destination on the world tourist map.
There are hundreds of resorts here but the style is completely different. There is a modern luxury, but most resorts are harmoniously combined between modern architecture and native architecture. Making resorts here both modern and yet imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity. A complex with hundreds of resorts. So Mui Ne is dubbed the resort capital of Vietnam.

The small road of Nguyen Dinh Chieu become to be a busy street , resorts and souvenir shops.
Ravenala is located at 146 Nguyen Dinh Chieu with full facilities of a modern resort, with the attentive service of the staff who are native people. Giving you the feeling of enjoying as a guest but still extremely comfortable as your own home.

But the most unique thing to do here is the sea sports games: kite surfing, windsurfing are the most popular sports here, making you forget the noisy tediousness of the live. Live  and enjoy yourself in the nature here

Featuring strong waves and sunshine all year round, it is chosen as the place for international windsurfing, attracting a lot of professional surfers, if Maui is a popular windsurfing destination in Hawaii- America, Mui Ne is Maui in Vietnam.
In addition to the beautiful beaches, the only special thing in Mui Ne is the sandy beaches that are often called the Sand Hill Bay-Doi Cat Bay, for those who love speed and adventure, this place is a physical location. the sport of motor racing on the sand hill, to experience the unforgettable feeling in your life and see the vast panorama of nature.

After a day of sunbathing on the sunny and windy beach, playing with the waves, when night falls, you can go for a walk on the shimmering streets.
Dinner on the street, or in Ravenala's restaurant full of fresh seafood dishes of the sea or specialties only in Phan Thiet. Or give yourself a romantic private party for your partner on the beach where only you, that person and the waves can hear the whispers of the couple.

There have been many tourists coming and returning to Mui Ne. Sea, sunshine, wind, sand, hospitality and friendliness of the people here, with the specific culture that makes Mui Ne the first choice for every trip

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