1. Kite water - skiing
With the long windy coast, Phan Thiet becomes an ideal place for sports, especially kite water- skiing. Using a specialize kite, with a wholehearted guide staff, it is exciting to surf on a crest of a wave.

2. Experience in sliding sand
Located at Mui Ne Ward, sandhill always has the attraction to tourists. The Unique point of this place is that whenever having big wind, the sandhill will transform, different from its original shape and color also change, sometimes yellow, sometimes white and sometimes red. These color mix together, create a charming natural picture. Sliding from the top to the bottom of the sand dune is also an exciting experience. With a skateboard, tourists those who keen on adventuring, sliding from the top of a dip hill, both screaming and laughing will bring you relax time. 

3. To be engrossed in a peaceful beach
There are a lot of beaches where you can enjoy the waves but finding an isolated beach, free to enjoy the infinite spaces with ground, waves and do your own things are more fun.  

4. Moto racing in sandhill 
Being to Bau Trang sand hill, you are able to walk around the sand to sight-seeing, take pictures, hold picnic among the infinite space of nature. Amazingly, to discover this miraculous “Tiny desert”, those who love being thrilling can hire a terrain vehicle. The feeling of skimming along the sand, winning from one hill to another hill, all of these things will make you relax. A lot of motor racing was held when tourists came here.

5. Enjoy sunrise and sunset 
Finding a peaceful place, enjoy sunrise or sunset on the yellow sand hill in the windy day are so charming. You can relax by hearing kite flute in the sky or the sea waves. At this moment, the life seems to slow down, all the sorrow disappear.  

6. Rowing to enjoy lotus at Bau Trang, Bau Sen 
If you had a chance to go to Phan Thiet, you should go to Bau Trang, Bau Sen. These are two natural freshwater lakes among the infinite white sand hill, away from Phan Thiet about 60 km. In lotus season, along with the lakes, lotus are blooming and the white sands are being colored. You can hire a small boat to row on the surface of the lakes, picking lotus, fishing and feeling the poetic lakes among the white sand, enjoying the charming sunset on lakes.  

7. Visit seafood market in the dawn 
Discovering, learning the life of fishermen along the fishing village are also excited experiences Every morning, each of fishing boat arrive after their journey, people hurry to bring fishes, seafood into the land. Then the trade takes place too busy.  

8. Catching the best moment
The scenery of small fishing villages, the charming sunrise slow down on the beach, on the rapid rock or white sand dune, all of this moment combine together, becoming the most beautiful places to take pictures 

9. Discovering by motorbike
With the outstretched sand hill, turquoise poetic beaches, beautiful fishing villages look like a sunset time picture. Phan Thiet is an attracted place to tourists when they discover by motorbike. Approximately 200.000VND for renting motorbike per day, tourists will have plenty of chance to discover all the ins and outs of the city.

All hostels, hotels, resorts at Phan Thiet - Mui Ne are quite plentiful, having not only luxury but also common places for backpacking tourists. Almost hotels at Phan Thiet have cheap price and giving the tourist a lot of choices about the room. It’s suitable for each demand of tourists. At the peak season, you should book rooms quite soon around 1-2 months to get the best price 

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