Last May 18th, Ravenala Boutique Resort welcomed a group from Japan Airlines (JAL). We are so grateful to  receive many positive feedbacks about our landscapes, facilities, restaurant and services.

Japan Airlines (JAL) – The 2nd biggest airlines in Japan founded in 1953, also known as “the most punctual airline in Asia Pacific” with remarkable acheivements.

Japan Airlines (JAL)
Japan, as we all know, has a high standard culture with a lot of requirements for services, which is a challenge for us to fulfill our favorite guests to affirm our international standard. Fortunately, we managed to please our group with the best service we can provide and got many good feedbacks.

Our dedicated staff take care of room facilities, green spaces, pools and beaches. They are well trained in knowledge, skills; and we are proud of our staff for their efforts.

With well-prepared programs, from tourguides, operators to decorated landscapes, our staff managed to create fun activities, meaningful and connect all members together. We believe that they have ungettable memories. 



A big gala dinner, great BBQ party by the pool, every member of the group enjoyed good dishes, shared interesting experiences.

 BBQ party for Gala Dinner










We are thankful for JAL to choose us as their destination for their company trip. We wish nothing but the best for our partnership. We’ll provide the best services in our companionship next time. 


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