Phan Thiet City is attracting more and more young tourists than ever before because of its attractive dining and entertainment venues. Moreover, Mui Ne owns Resorts with cheap hotel services at excellent quality.

Nowadays, when we travel to Phan Thiet, we can take a train or tour bus, which takes an average of 5.5 hours. Although Phan Thiet has dozens of interesting things, we definitely cannot ignore these 5 experiences:

1. Step into the paradise of the Resorts

The road to Mui Ne is stretched by luxury resorts that spread to the center of Nguyen Dinh Chieu. These resorts have a variety of rooms to choose from such as boutiques, bungalows, high rise apartments, suites with private pools, ... We can swim in the overflowing pools, or enjoy a 4-5 star massage. In the evening, the area of ​​Nguyen Dinh Chieu street is bustling with colorful signboards with many different languages. Foreigners and locals can shop on either side of the shop, enjoy seafood buffet in restaurants or join a bar club with live singers.


2. Visit the "Desert sub"

Sandy Bay is a place where people think of Phan Thiet, which is a gift from nature. It is called Flying Sand Hill because its shape is often changed by the wind into different geologic formations. Tourists often rent waxed boards to slide the sand from the top of the hill. From the top, you can watch the blue ocean in front of you, breathtaking scenery and experience exciting motor racing.

Both Sand Dunes and White Sand Hill are seen as a small Saharan Desert, White Sand Hill has white sand with romantic lakes. This freshwater lake is located in the middle of the sand hill, clear watercolor and even more amazing when it comes to the lotus blossom season. With such a charming scene, sand dunes are the place where many artistic pictures are born.


3. Visit the sandy park

The sand sculpture park, Forgotten Land is a collection of sculptures which are made of two main materials, sand, and water, by sculptors from 12 different countries. Come here, visitors can admire the sand castle. The sand sculptures represent the folk culture in and outside the country such as Rabbit and Turtle, Puss in Boots, Fox, and Grapes.


3. Try the night fishing squid

A night fishing with fishermen is a fun and exciting activity for visitors who love nature. The squid fishing boats usually start at 5 pm in the fishing village. It takes about 30 minutes to the sea and stops at the spots where there are so many squids so that visitors can fish like local fishermen. The most attractive is that visitors will enjoy the squid they catch right on the boat. We will be provided tools for simple cooking such as steaming, grilling.


4. Enjoy the Fishermen Show

The Fishermen Show is a digital water music stage, created with thousands of LED lights, only in Vietnam. Audiences will be enamored with sound effects, colorful water. The show will reproduce the scenic fishing villages and immense sea. It focuses on the beauty of the village by contemporary dance and modern art with high-tech equipment that is worth $ 2 million.


5. Enjoy the unique cuisine

Phan Thiet is the place not only famous for the fresh seafood but also street food with local flavor. First of all, enjoying the specialty “Banh Can”. People taste the crispy white with red water filled with dumplings, sprinkled with “top mo”, served with minced mango, fish sauce, minced mince.

Mam ruoc Rice paper the second specialty must-try, although it is with Mam Ruoc, it has no Mam ruoc’s smell. They bake rice paper, but with many toppings such as sour cream, grease, fish sauce, butter, eggs, chả, nem ... and roll them back, there we will have a large fragrant, delicious spring roll. Then we will try the squid teeth, crispy crunchy, sweet and very tasty. Small squid teeth, is made of all kinds like crispy fried, roasted with satay, ... that you cannot resist having the second dish.

Duck Noodles

And yet, we also have to try the duck noodles. We often think duck noodles is from The Middle part of Vietnam, but Phan Thiet is extremely famous for this dish. Noodles here are not cooked with pork or shrimp but cooked with duck. The taste of sweet and greasy, more soup than noodles in Middle of Vietnam. A bowl with a whole duck thigh served with basil, herbs …

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