Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan

Resort close to the sea only
I was invited to the Grand Opening Ceremony of the resort in Phan Thiet by VYC two days weekend.
Phan Thiet Ravenala Resort few steps, nestles in the luxurious and shady campus, which is very suitable for the holiday.


The status of Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan at VIP TRIP

Impressed with a glorious night dinner gala to thank customers cordial. Sitting at the table with us are German ambassador and his wife who always complimented "Excellent!"

Charming beside the pool and have fun with all youngsters

Thanks to VYC - TNXP Travel Company, which I always adhere to the customer service as well as professional Truong - Director of the company who has a range and mind to bring the company more and more development and can not forget the difficult time we discussed and shared the management experiences.
I will be back here to observe the results of VYC starting today.

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