Mrs. Louise Francoeur

Staying here is comfortable. Everything is as good as you want. Staff always smile with us, the staff all absolutely everybody has a big smile all the time. We always feel welcome. We always feel that they are willing if you ask for something. They always try to help you when you need. I can ask for help at any time. This is a 5-star hotel. Definitely, this is a boutique hotel and I recommend it highly to anybody.
We came to this hotel, we reserved it online because we did not know about the hotel. We were fantastically surprised how nice the hotel is. The hotel is right on the beach. You can see the sun going down right from your room. We have the opportunity of having a room right on the beach which is absolutely phenomenal. I could hear the wave sprayed and I could go to sleep while I was listening to the ocean. I saw the sunrise in the morning. It was absolutely phenomenal. The breakfast in the morning is delicious. There was a variety of whole different kind of western or Asian food. You just have a problem that you have to decide what you are going eat.  The hotel is clean, extra clean.

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