Mrs. Truong Tuyet Mai


I am really happy to be guest of VYC TRAVEL to have a weekend vacation at Ravenala Boutique Resort. Despite the limit of time, I have many imprinted memories. The Landscape, living spaces, and people are not only new, fresh and modern but also charming, luxurious and powerful.  


The sharing of Mrs. Truong Tuyet Mai 

Ravenala has beautiful, charming garden. It’s just a few steps to reach the beach, guest can easily swim or dive. There is a big swimming pool inside the resort and a lot of green trees which provide various shadows. The meals are quite special, it’s eye-catching and yummy. Many guests give special praises to these dishes. 

Pictures were taken at Ravenala Boutique Resort

I especially impress on the performance at night. The Director and Guests get well with each other. We gathered to sing and make poems. I also was invited to get on stage performance. And I also gave a big applause. The sound and light effect was so great. Whenever being tired or hungry, we had the buffet full of dishes. 

My dear! This was such a lovely and memorable night. Thank VYC TRIP very much. I hope you will grow constantly. 

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