Ms Ladi Aga

After the holidays at Ravenala Boutique Resort, Ms. Ladi Aga reviewed "A beautiful place, wonderful atmosphere, and wonderful services. This place is suitable for rest and holiday. I will definitely come back to this resort. The resort was tidied up twice a day, it was very clean and comfortable".

Having dinner with Mr. Truong Tran, Mrs. Thanh Duyen, and other guests. 

The moments which were captured by Mrs. Ladi Aga at Ravenala Boutique Resort

She also gives her love to staffs "The food is delicious, wonderful people, nice landscape. I wish to spend more time at this place, but I have to leave. Thank Mr. Truong Tran, Mrs. Thanh Duyen for welcoming us with kindness and hospitality as members of their family. I will come back to Viet Nam and this holiday is just like a heaven. The price is cheap also".

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