Mrs.Nguyen Thai Hang

Dr. Nguyen Thai Hang has been teaching at Hanoi Medical University. Her classy appearance attracts people at the first time met. Accompanying VYC Travel on a VIP TRIP trip to a resort at Ravenala Boutique Resort she said: 
"Ravenala Boutique Resort looks so cute, beautiful ...
The resort has not only beautiful, convenient property but also blue sea, white sand, sunshine, lovely green gardens, in seaside Mui Ne. The sunrise and sunset is nice too"


Her feeling posted on the private Facebook wall

"If you want to discover the famous and beautiful Wine Castle or enjoy the mystery behind the pink sandhills. Having fresh seafood cuisine, unique dishes in Ravenala restaurant is great... And the Phan Thiet - Mui Ne tour in 2 days and 1 night is worth visiting " - she shared.

Charming in green space at Ravenala Boutique Resort

Not only the praise for Ravenala Boutique Resort of VYC Travel agency, but also the love and affection for the members of the company:
"More than that, it is where you will feel very much about the devotion, hospitality and special, is a mentality of the young "boss " here - who have been determined to make a brand. The prestige and originality of a travel agency called VYC. Thanks, Mr. Truong and all the staff of Vyc Trip ".

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